About Us


Meet Tara

Tara began her consulting career in the Toronto area in 2004.  She is a compassionate and insightful listener,  a dynamic and enthusiastic presenter and a detail oriented worker.  She is equally as passionate about helping couples who are beginning their marriage journeys by offering a fun, engaging and insightful marriage preparation class as she is at helping couples whose marriages are coming to an end. Let her expertise and compassion help you in your journey.


Our Approach

We are now working with Fairway Divorce Solutions offering Individually Negotiated Resolutions in an affordable approach to divorce. We are proud to be able to offer peace of mind with a detailed approach, working occasionally with both individuals but mostly one on one with a senior negotiator.  Let us take care of your property division, finances, and custody and a detailed parenting so that you can discover your new life.


Why Us?

In mediation, as in counseling, everyone is different. We believe that you have the answers and that our job is to simply help you discover them. Listening, understanding and compassion makes the difference in counseling, mediation and marriage preparation